Norwegian based ensemble “Bitt av Brazillen” is a skilled interaction of vocals, trombone, percussion and guitar performing modern and standard Brazilian classics such as `Chega De Saudade´, `Desafinado´, `Samba De Uma Note So´, `So Danco Samba´ and `Bim Bom´ to name but a few. Each member of Bitt av Brazillen are already accomplished musicians in their own right and have been involved in several musical projects spanning a variety of musical forays and genres. Marius, Dag Einar, Luis and Kelly have a deep appreciation and interest towards Brazilian music and are keen to exploring this further with Bitt av Brazillen.

“It's rare to experience a band that is so respectful to each other's expression, thus achieving a very special coherence. This really was candy for the ear”. Gjengangeren, Newspaper (Norway)


Kelly Dickson - Kelly’s voice has been described by Jamie Cullum as "A highly individual, mature voice with very subtle power that creeps up on you" and by legendary jazz drummer Peter Erskine "a talented and vivacious vocalist!"Born in Northern Ireland and raised in the north of England, Kelly has made quite a name for herself working with some of the world’s elite jazz and pop musicians. She is as comfortable performing on the stage as she is in the recording studio, as well as numerous studio recordings as a session singer, Kelly has recorded lead vocals on three albums; Two New York jazz albums `Doodlin’´and `Vocal Point´ (Lady K Records) and `From the 6 corners’ (Sanctuary Records) which co-wrote with Steve White’s super funk band The Players´. Kelly has also worked closely with Corinne Bailey Rae and sang background vocals for Gwen Stefani on some of her UK television performances of her hit song `Sweet Escape´.


Dag Einar Eilertsen A consummate performer who plays his alto trombone with great skill and flair with smashing phrases and sliding notes. He has worked with bands "Ung Pike Forsvunnet" and "Oslo 13". Dag Einar has also toured extensively playing in many different formats and with top respected musicians such as Palle Mikkelborg and Jacek Kochan.


Luis Landa-Schreitt Luis is a respected drummer and percussionist who has toured and recorded internationally playing in many different settings. Luis has the ability to naturally adapt to the mood and feel of the music, and knows instinctively how to create the energy to make his style of playing organic and inspiring to the musicians around him. Spanish born Luis has Samba in his blood and some of his earliest memories are of him hearing Latin rhythms played in his childhood home. In 2014 Luis was booked to record on a “Little Steven” session with Steven Van Zandt of the Sopranos and Lillyhammer fame, not to forget to mention Bruce Springsten’s guitar player!


Marius Noss Gundersen Virtuoso Marius is regarded as one of Norway’s premier classical guitarists. As well as being a highly skilled classical musician he is extremely proficient at playing Brazilian music, and has a deep love and connection to it. As well as performing with many other renowned musicians Marius performed with US Grammy award nominated pandeiro musician Scott Feiner from Rio / NYC. Marius is also on the panel of the judges for the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy Awards.